The Library Intelligence Story

A tale of isolation, frustration, and too many hours in the car by myself

The Incident:

Back in 2011 I travelled up and down the country running project management workshops for library staff. In 2012 I did it all again, this time sharing my knowledge of ereaders and ebooks.
During this time I received many emails from library staff desperate to learn but unable to attend because they couldn’t afford the time away from customer service duties. It wasn’t fair.

The Search:

A scan of industry research showed there were not enough work-based learning opportunities to satisfy demand and there were even fewer online options designed specifically for library staff in New Zealand and Australia.

The Answer:

Library Intelligence was launched in 2015 with the goal of making it easier for New Zealand library staff to learn real world library skills.
With Library Intelligence learning is packaged into self-paced online courses teaching practical library skills most of which can be completed in just 60 minutes. There’s no need to take staff out of the library and as an added bonus library staff come away with a one-page blueprint to enable them to easily apply their learning to their job.

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