Better Bookmarks


What You Learn:
Become more digitally literate by using the social bookmarking tool Diigo to annotate, tag and share web content.
Delivery Method:
Online, at your own pace.
60 minutes.
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  • Do you wish you could search your bookmarks or Internet favorites?
  • Would your life be easier if you could highlight and make notes on interesting web content?
  • Are you looking for a way for your team to easily create and maintain course lists, reading lists or current awareness services?

If you answered ‘YES’ to at least one of these questions then Better Bookmarks is for you.

This course introduces the concept of social bookmarking as a better way to bookmark web content and uses Diigo to illustrate how social bookmarking works.
Better Bookmarks also introduces three key concepts used in many digital spaces:

  1. Annotating to find important information quickly
  2. Tagging as a means of organising information
  3. Cooperative Knowledge Building to construct shared understanding.

This course focuses on the cognitive element of digital literacy and can be taken in conjunction with other digital literacy courses, or on its own.
This course is aimed at beginners and there is no requirement for you to possess prior knowledge of digital literacy, social bookmarking or Diigo. You will be required to create a Diigo account and complete activities using Diigo.
This course is delivered online and is self-paced.